Dialing Rules to call from Lesotho to Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

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Telephonecard.com.au :: Dialing Rules to call from Lesotho to Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
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To call from Lesotho to Libyan Arab Jamahiriya you need to dial:

0 + 218 + city code + phone number

City Code
Abengawad 553
Abu Issa 274
Abuhadi 551
Agelat 282
Ajailat 282
Al Josh 454
Azizia 272
Bani Walid 322
Ben Gashir 22
Benghazi 61
Benina 63
Bergen 732
Bisher 655
Brak 721
Bugrain 529
Buzayan 425
Dafnia 523
Deriana 625
Derna 81
Edry 723
El Beida 84
Elbayada 684
Elkuwaifia 624
Elmagrun 629
Elmareg 67
Elmaya 279
Ezzaonia 23
Garda 733
Garian 41
Ghadames 484
Ghat 724
Ghrefa 729
Gmines 623
Guassem 423
Gubba 821
Haraua 82
Hashan 271
Hugialin 284
Hun 57
Jaghbub 884
Jalo 657
Jardas 682
Jerdina 627
Jmail 281
Kaalifa 626
Kabaw 481
Kasarahmad 524
Khums 31
Kikla 427
Kofra 652
Kussabat 326
Mamura 277
Massa 852
Matred 275
Misratah 51
Misuratha 51
Mizda 422
Murzuk 725
Nalut 47
Noflia 555
Ojla 653
Reyana 453
Rujban 452
Sabratha 24
Sebha 71
Seluk 628
Shahat 851
Sidi Sultan Sultan 654
Sidiessaiah 205
Sirt 54
Slenta 854
Sokna 582
Soussa 583
Suk Elkhamis 206
Swajni 224
Taigura 26
Taknes 683
Tarhuna 325
Tawergha 522
Tigi 482
Tolmitha 681
Tomina 685
Traghen 734
Tripoli 21
Tripoli International Airport 22
Ubary 73
Um Laranib 726
Wadi Atba 731
Wadi Jeref 554
Wadi Keam 323
Wodan 581
Yefren 421
Zahra 252
Zawai 23
Zawaya 727
Zawyat Elmahjub 526
Zella 584
Zliten 521
Zuara 25
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